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  • QuantumTangler

  • Hello, from the looks of things the HPCA forum is kind of locked up nowadays. I've long since forgotten any login I may or may not have made for the site, unfortunately. I gather from the below that you can help me with this - how do I send you a PM on this site to give you my email address for this purpose? Or maybe how do I get in contact with Matt Wiser? Not quite sure which of you is the appropriate contact.
    Bernard Woolley

    Matt's an admin, so if you drop him a line, I'm sure he can help.
    QuantumTangler 1
    I'm... afraid I don't know how to contact Matt Wiser. You mentioned he's an admin, but looking at the staff page none of the accounts there appear to belong to him. Could you clarify?
  • HansGruber'sP7


  • Hi, I'm also deeply interested in registering in HPCA. I don't know if I'm supposed to ask or not, but I'm quite interested in a lot of the stories I see sampled here.
  • El_Presidente


  • Hi, can you help me to register in HPCA? I wanted to read that WW3 story you have there, but it looks like registration is disabled or something


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