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  • Weremont

  • Hey you're a fan of Marvel right? Can you rank these 3 versions of Doctor Doom in terms of power?
    1. Doom with Pre-Retcon Beyonder's powers (original Secret Wars)
    2. Doom with Beyonders' powers (Secret Wars 2015)
    3. Doom with 'Life Force'/House of M Scarlet Witch's powers (Children's Crusade)
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    AussieHawker 1
    More a fan of the MCU. I read comics but have only started recently. You would probably be better off asking something like reddit who would win sub reddit. They have a lot of big comic fans.
    Weremont 1
    Isn't current Marvel comics kind of terrible? I'm also an MCU fan that hasn't read many comics.
    AussieHawker 1
    They have a lot so it is really a matter of picking and choosing. But yeah some are really bad.
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