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  1. Of lost monkeys and broken vehicles

    I wonder what is the status of the air battle over the Greek front. I would like to believe that with fewer Luftwaffe units there and with Lend-lease aid, the Allies will be able to contest the skies. Something like a draw or a narrow Allied victory.
  2. Essai en Guerre: an FFO-inspired TL

    That was a good update. The Greek name for an Airforce Colonel is Sminarchos (Σμήναρχος).
  3. A Shift in Priorities - Sequel

    The irony-meter has been smashed once again!
  4. Of lost monkeys and broken vehicles

    Glad to see that a certain Mr Lawrence is providing valuable lessons to Kurdish guerillas. .. Oh boy, Iran is between Scylla and Charybdis here. Happy New Year @Lascaris and to all the readers of this magnificent TL. May you and your loved ones be healthy and joyful !
  5. Of lost monkeys and broken vehicles

    The Germans find Smolensk to be a tougher nut to break than IOTL... How bad is the logistical situation for the Soviets in the Caucasus/Anatolian front? Shouldn't Iran be replaced with Iraq in this phrase? If the Greeks manage to build even limited numbers of tanks it would be significant, but...
  6. Essai en Guerre: an FFO-inspired TL

    Just caught up with this wonderfull timeline. I thing Greece receiving North Epirus (or at least parts of it) ITTL is almost a certainty. Besides this, when the Allies start liberating Salonika along with Macedonia and Thrace and find out the Bulgarian attrocities comitted there, a stronger...
  7. Of lost monkeys and broken vehicles

    Butterflies flying all around! Lawrence of Arabia AND Anatolia, Pontic commander Triandafilov surviving his air crash in 1931 and leading an Army in the Caucasus Front( destined to be the liberator of Τραπεζούντα ? ), the Luftwaffe actually having a heavy bomber at the start of Barbarossa , the...
  8. Pride Goes Before a Fall: A Revolutionary Greece Timeline

    Something is wrong in your sentence, Korytza (Korce) is not a port, it is deep in the mountains. Did you meant Vlore?
  9. Of lost monkeys and broken vehicles

    Smt like Finland, but without the economic success of Finland,
  10. Of lost monkeys and broken vehicles

    It is a great irony that ITTL Turkey enters World War II almost the same way as it entered World War I; by the actions of ships nominally under Turkish command, but for all intents and purposes acting independently and belonging to a nation allied to Turkey . Great work by @Lascaris !
  11. Of lost monkeys and broken vehicles

    The Allies have tolerated the expulsion of millions of Germans after WWII, I don't see why they wouldn't tolerate a partial expulsion of Turkish population in Minor Asia.–1950)
  12. Of lost monkeys and broken vehicles

    @Lascaris I have two questions about the Greek war industry . First, I suspect that the greatest percentage of it is located around Athens, Smyrna and Chalkis, am I correct? The second question is whether this industry is still operational or if it has been crippled by bombings and shortage of...
  13. Of lost monkeys and broken vehicles

    Since we see twice in this update that the Turks believe that they will get German reinforcements, it is almost certain that they have not been informed about Barbarossa ... Their forces in Caucasus are not enough to attack the Soviets (unless the Soviets are forced to relocate significant...
  14. A Shift in Priorities - Sequel

    Wait, let me prepare the popcorn!