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  1. Malaya What If

    And be OK with it? That runs against everything I've ever read about colonial societies. Submarines??? Submarine crews were elite, with much technical knowledge. It seems very unlikely that there would be enough qualified natives to form a significant part of the crew - much less so many that...
  2. Malaya What If

    In a colonial army, what Dutch corporal would accept service under a native superior? And how would a native sergeant feel about having a white nominal subordinate who is there to keep him in line? In the entire history of 19th-20th century colonialism, there were AFAIK only a handful of...
  3. Soviet Collapse Towards End of WWII

    AFAIK, Stalin never flew anywhere: he was far too paranoid.
  4. When his country calls.

    The Democrats had a majority in the Senate.
  5. How much of our modern consensus of the inevitability of Allied victory in WWII is due to information after the fact?

    After the re-election of Roosevelt in 1940, pretty much, unless Germany collapsed first, or made a "white peace" acceptable to Britain. (I have a scenario in which the war ends before the US gets into it.) As David T. has pointed out, a Gallup poll taken just after the US DoW on Japan showed...
  6. Black Zionist movement

    Don't forget virulent Arab prejudice against blacks. Also, the OTL First Aliyah had substantial financial support from the Rothschild family. Black Zionists would have to operate on their own scanty resources.
  7. Culture of a world where WW1 was averted

    I think that's a little too strong. There was a considerable German-immigrant element in the US as far back as colonial times, but this element continually assimilated to anglophone, AFAICT. The current ubiquity of Spanish is driven by several factors which don't apply to German. The inclusion...
  8. What are some Scenarios where the US could Declare war on Japan First?

    Any such scenario ha one huge stumbling block: if the US declares war on Japan, Japan will invade the Philippines, and the US cannot defend the Philippines. Thus by declaring war, the US dooms the Philippines to Japanese conquest, and would be responsible for the ensuing hardships for the...
  9. What if the US helped the Canadian rebels in 1837?

    ISTM the key issue is how US support affects public sentiment in Canada. OTL, only a few thousand men joined the rebellion. But that even a few thousand would go so far suggests that a much larger number were distinctly unhappy. At the same time, while a larger number turned out on behalf of the...
  10. When his country calls.

    Way too gimmicky. The immediate destructive effects of Breckinridge's Presidency (from their point of view) would far outweigh any long term gamble of that sort. For one thing, Breckinridge could appoint Supreme Court Justices, who would remain on the bench after 1860.
  11. When his country calls.

    Affiliation with the Union or even the Republicans after the secession crisis and the start of the war definitely is no proof of any toleration of abolitionism beforehand. Andrew Johnson was as Unionist as they come, but he had no particular dislike of slavery and campaigned for Breckinridge in...
  12. No GNW (or “Peter goes South”)

    IIRC, Louisiana still belongs to Spain ITTL. OTL Napoleon seized it from Spain in 1800. Though he left Spain in control until after it was sold to the US.
  13. Culture of a world where WW1 was averted

    Item: IMO, Prohibition in the US is never enacted. IMO, it was passed at a moment when government took control of everything in the name of the war effort, and drinking was seen as damaging to that effort. Item: there would be no Russian revolution (or at least not for many more years). The...
  14. When his country calls.

    Not in a million years. Maryland is a slave state; With the possible exception of Henry Davis, its Representatives would no more vote for a radical Abolitionist than for a Mormon. Also, 3 of 6 is not a majority, and cannot cast the state's vote.
  15. How much of our modern consensus of the inevitability of Allied victory in WWII is due to information after the fact?

    Data point: USN RAdm Dan Gallery (then a captain) was appointed US Naval Attaché in Britain in early 1941. In his memoir he wrote that his assignment tacitly included learning everything possible about Nazi Germany so that the US could deal effectively with Germany after Britain collapsed. Data...