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  1. Without the French intervention in Mexico, Would a French conquest of Japan be possible ?

    France might demand some trading ports, and a sphere of influence. Maybe some anti-Tokugawa nobles could be interested in dealing with the French.
  2. Look to the West Volume VIII: The Bear and the Basilisk

    The first chat system was used between 1971 and 1986, by the US government. The first public chat service began in 1973. Heck, there might even be a version of the CompuServe, which started in 1980. Chat room - Wikipedia I always thought of it as "more or less French Carnatic".
  3. Look to the West Volume VIII: The Bear and the Basilisk

    I see there are still massive nerds ITTL. I'm assuming that, due to computer technology being behind OTL, that boardgames are even more popular.
  4. AHC: More Modern City States

    Nationalism happened.
  5. Q: Why did Elizabeth I refuse the offer of sovereignty from the Dutch?

    The British sovereign also holds the title Lord of Mann and Duke of Normandy, regardless of gender. The title would probably be something like "Queen of the Seven United Netherlands", followed by a string of titles referring to each state. The position of Stadholder would probably evolve into...
  6. Map Thread XX

    Northern Southern Austria, surely. :p
  7. Map Thread XX

    Try telling Revolutionary France that. Or the Romans. The terms Cispadana and Transpadana came from somewhere.
  8. AHC: Dismantle Both Cold War Superpowers by 1995

    Define "dismantle". If you mean "the US breaks up like the USSR did IOTL", then that's almost impossible short of some severe levels of badness. I'm not sure that anything short of a nuclear war could do it. If you mean "there aren't any superpowers any more", then that's easier, but still...
  9. The flame of British Liberalism burns steady and brighter: A timeline from 1945

    Um, I think there's something missing there.
  10. United Bengal during the partition of India

    IIRC, there were significant complaints about the division of Bengal between 1905 and 1912. Eastern Bengal and Assam - Wikipedia Nationalists were concerned about divide and rule, whilst Calcutta merchants were worried about losing their influence. IDK how strong Bengali feeling was in...
  11. Plausiblity Check: Seperate Low and High German Nations?

    Having a separate Saxony would help.
  12. Map Thread XX

    Indeed. An Axis Spain would lose its colonies, maybe lose Catalonia and/or the Basque Country (or at least have independence referendums), and possibly have some minor border changes with France and Portugal. I'm not sure there is enough support for an independent Andalusia even in the region...
  13. Italico Valore - A more successful 1848 revolution in Italy - a TL

    I'm pretty sure the Russian Empire is larger than Italy's. Unless you aren't counting contiguous territory. Are there protectorates within Chad and Sudan - e.g. Wadai, Darfur, Kanem Bornu etc.?
  14. "The Commonwealth of Britain" - Republican UK Wikibox TL

    Strong and stable leadership, everybody. Strong and stable.