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  1. These Fair Shores: The Commonwealth of New England

    No, a snobby Brit would call it "American so-called English". "American Simplified English" would be its official name in Britain and the Empire.
  2. Map Thread XX

    I was referring to what was happening in the Balkans and Hungary, specifically.
  3. Map Thread XX

    Shame that even the threat of extinction can't stop some people from holding onto petty grudges.
  4. More Holy Roman Empire Electorates

    Don't forget Thuringia.
  5. OTL Election maps resources thread

    @CobaltChloride - those are amazing finds. Having South Africa with an electoral system more like New Zealand or Denmark, rather than its OTL one, really shakes things up. If anything, the ANC looks to be even more dominant.
  6. Galloway and the Plan of Union: A Saga of a British America

    I'm really unsure which option to chose, there's so little information to base a decision on.
  7. AHC: Shia "Ottomans", Sunni Iran

    None of the previous Shia dynasties were as vigorous and enthusiastic about converting as the Safavids were. Which is why I picked them specifically.
  8. These Fair Shores: The Commonwealth of New England

    This makes Webster's spelling reforms look almost non-heretical.
  9. AHC: Shia "Ottomans", Sunni Iran

    The Safavids were a Shia Kurdish dynasty from Iranian Azerbaijan. To keep Iran Sunni, all you need is for the Safavids (or some ATL equivalent) from taking power. Meanwhile, have the Nottomans be a Shia Turkic dynasty from...
  10. When could an independent/unified Ireland happened?

    At the risk of skirting current politics, there is nothing about sharing a monarch with Britain that prevents the likes of Canada, Australia or New Zealand from being independent.
  11. Map Thread XX

    I think it's a surviving Angle state in Schleswig.
  12. WI: no alphabet

    With French (and other languages as well), preserving old spelling can help differentiate homophones from one another*. An example from English - the words Hospital, Hostel and Hotel all come the same Medieval Latin word hospitale, via French, from different periods. *Other languages and...
  13. WI: no alphabet

    This is why other languages use diacritical marks. Modern English, by and large, does not (except with loan words).
  14. WI French capital isn't Paris