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  1. The R-QBAM main thread

    I think there needs to be a bit more of Saudi Arabia, if you want to include the Nabateans. Other than that, it should be fine for Rome from its foundation all the way to the Empire's height.
  2. Return of Horrible Educational Maps

    And yet, they didn't include Georgia, Armenia or Azerbaijan... :p Or East Germany.
  3. Would Decimalization/Metric System Still be Widespread if no French Revolution?

    Napoleon basically did that in order to help sell the metric system to the French people. The US has partially decimalised the imperial system into the US customary system of units. Similarly, China also decimalised its measurement system...
  4. Map Thread XXI

    Is that Ottoman West Africa?
  5. Ulster Protestants home rule compromise

    Short of there being a devolved Ulster within Ireland, which has the ability to nullify literally everything Dublin passes from applying within Ulster, without any possibility of Dublin being able to veto it, anyway. Which I doubt even the most pro-compromise Home Rule-er would agree to.
  6. Map Thread XXI

    I would like to add my "yes, please" to this.
  7. Ulster Protestants home rule compromise

    From what I understood, they were willing to give Ulster a disproportionately large number of seats in the Dublin parliament as a compromise. Obviously, even that wasn't enough for the hard core Ulster Unionists.
  8. What if Thomas Jefferson Abolished Slavery in 1787?

    Then there's the issue of racist racists being all racist and stuff. The North would probably argue something like "well, if you aren't going to give them political equality..."
  9. Have more Celtic languages flourish to the present day

    I suppose if more Southwestern Brittonic speakers moved into Galicia, they could have their own version of Brittany that actually survives.
  10. Have more Celtic languages flourish to the present day

    IDK how true this is, but IIRC, one of the reasons why Welsh did so well, when Irish or Scots Gaelic didn't, was that it was used a lot more commonly in churches and in Sunday Schools. I suppose the fact that there wasn't such a massive outflow of Welsh speakers compared to Irish or Scots...
  11. Map Thread XXI

    Is this some kind of Ultimate Korea, with Alternate Geography(TM)?
  12. Program used for base maps?, GIMP and inkscape are all free programs. However, MS Paint can do quite a lot as well.
  13. Make more scripts/alphabets be in use

    References, please?
  14. Make more scripts/alphabets be in use

    Thing is, the Glagolitic, Cyrillic and Gothic scripts were invented (at least in part) with the goal of converting the Slavs, the Slavs and the Goths respectively to Christianity. Still, there's no reason why there couldn't be alternate Greek-derived scripts adapted for the use of the Slavic...