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    WI: Goldwater in '64; LaRouche in '76?

    b-b-but muh private corporation!!!1! :openedeyewink: "Listen the real way to solve a monopoly in one particular industry is to just pray to Ayn Rand and hope she inspires a genius who decides to create a functioning and profitable business in that same industry and doesn't get outright bought...
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    WI: Goldwater in '64; LaRouche in '76?

    The issue is that libertarianism isn't feasible as a political ideology nor as part of a functioning political party or for that matter a functioning society. The fundamental reason for this is that Libertarianism's fundamental conceit is "I got mine now, fuck everyone else" this is why it's...
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    WWII Eastern Front 1942

    Ah ok, good. I was thinking it was something health-related.
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    WWII Eastern Front 1942

    what happened to Wiking? :o And I think it might help to straighten out the front in the center along with making the redeployment after the Stalingrad campaign easier and inputting less strain on the German logistics which could make Manstein's Spring offensive even more successful.
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    A House Divided Against Itself: An 1860 Election Timeline

    Hahahaha! I love Norm and this would totally be one of his bits in this ATL
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    AHC/WI: Economically prosperous USSR

    True. However, the middle income trap isn’t an inevitability for the USSR. And basically the only real way for sustainable and rapid economic growth is at expense of morons in the West. This has been a tried and true market strategy since the disparate Indian states absorbed the gold supply of...
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    AHC/WI: Economically prosperous USSR

    Unfortunately the USSR got the short end of the whole "Autocratic Communists taking advantage of the USA's total ineptitude, lack of any foresight, deciding to annihilate its own working class and destroy its manufacturing capabilities, all while empowering its ideological and geopolitical foes...
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    America a Central Power?

    Typically the Central powers were all powers that were against the current order or new and rising powers. IMHO for the U.S. to be a central power they need to be defeated by Britain and lose territory to them between 1850 and 1900. That defeat grows unlikelier every single year that passes...
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    Effects of a Christian North Africa

    Possibly controversial but I think a Christian North Africa makes what will be the Spanish New World much more successful than OTL. I’m convinced that Spain’s experience with the Reconquista forced it to adapt and adopt some tendencies of the Moorish empires which fared poorly in the New World...
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    Patton in Korea/MacArthur in the White House

    Honestly this would be the moment to carve out a Coptic Egyptian state in the north of the country in order to permanently secure the Suez for the West as well as to forever end the threat of Egypt to Israel’s southern flank without having it give up the Sinai. However this course of action...
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    How much more or less successful would a non racist Germany be in ww2

    So a German nationalist regime, with a charismatic leader, with no hostility to minority groups and only a desire to unite with other Germans? The part about “doctrine” is my concern: do you mean keeping the strategic ineptitude of the high command or do you mean Nazism without the racism?
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    Place In the Sun: What If Italy Joined the Central Powers?

    I 100% agree with that take @Kaiser Wilhelm the Tenth the reality is that Russia just passed the point of no return towards civil war. The shortsighted stupidity of Kerensky and the rest in thinking that by cutting off the head of the government and murdering the Czarina will somehow usher in...
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    Place In the Sun: What If Italy Joined the Central Powers?

    I’m glad we’ve moved away from that disturbing topic. I’m not a monarchist nor am I (idk what to put here... “beliefs-wise”) a particular fan of the whole chosen by God to do the lords work, although I have to face the facts that countries today with a constitutional monarchy tend to perform...
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    Place In the Sun: What If Italy Joined the Central Powers?

    No doubt about it. While there’s always going to be minor exceptions in history to historical trends (Luxembourg, Lichtenstein, Monaco, etc) they’re still exceptions. Austria, in an TL where the Weimar Republic managed to limp on through a conservative-nationalist government would have been...