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  • frustrated progressive

  • I would give that title to Spruance, honestly
    Admiral Halsey 3
    You see I would agree except for a couple of reasons. Main one being it was Halsey himself who recommended Spruance take over TF16 after he came down with Shingles. Also I will always admit yes he screwed up big fucking time with the second typhoon.
    Worffan101 1
    The way I see it, Halsey was a Patton and Spruance an Eisenhower. I rate Spruance higher personally due to his supreme calm and outstanding ability, but Halsey was more effective earlier in the war due to his strength on the attack and rapport with the men when morale boosts were needed most.
  • Guestman

  • I liked your timeline You Can't Keep a Bull Moose Down. I think it had definite potential, but I understand if you don't want to continue it.
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