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  1. Moonlight in a Jar: An Al-Andalus Timeline

    This is probably going to bite the southern European states in the back like otl Cotten countries, if not worse. Another thing is that I suspect in the future that the heavy slavery states of the Caribbean are going to rebel and lead to what is basically a Muslim CSA but in the Caribbean...
  2. Horus Triumphant - an Alternate Antiquity timeline

    What I'm interested in is how religion has developed, especially since so much has changed compared to otl.
  3. Moonlight in a Jar: An Al-Andalus Timeline

    Something that's interesting is the fact that the renascence did not happen in this timeline, which means that in this timeline, there might be stuff that we know about the old Greco-roman world in otl, but this timeline do not and vice versa, and that could lead to some interesting results...
  4. AHQ/AHC: Superhero technology diffusion?

    In a world where Marvel or DCU go in real time, I feel that humanity would fully colonize the inner solar system by the mid-1980s since both worlds technology and other things like magic and reverse alien technology, would get humanity to that point.
  5. Look to the West Volume VIII: The Bear and the Basilisk

    Question, but after reading about the ENA, during the paradox war, but it came to me that the ENA was similar to the USA, even though it had completely different origins and circumstances. So why is the ENA similar to the USA in terms of culture?
  6. AHQ/AHC: Superhero technology diffusion?

    There is also the fact that magic and mythology being real would also be a massive impact as well.
  7. "What Madness Is This?" Volume II: Prophecies in the Dark

    If Carolina gets annexed, I hope that Korea and Carolina's other colonies, start to develop their own special insanity and culture as well.
  8. "What Madness Is This?" Volume II: Prophecies in the Dark

    While It's funny that Carolina is the only state in North America, its small homeland size being so small makes me feel like it should have been swoll by the union., thanks to its awkward position on the map. Now, if Carolina's homeland was much bigger, then it would be a different story.
  9. "What Madness Is This?" Volume II: Prophecies in the Dark

    I'm more interested in 1980s mega corporations and drug wars turn up to 11, happening.
  10. "What Madness Is This?" Volume II: Prophecies in the Dark

    Honestly, while the Union is stuck in the 70s, I hope we get to see the worse of the 1980s in the union because that is a decade with a lot of potential for horribleness.
  11. The King in Yellow and Other Stories: A Weird Fiction Timeline in Several Acts

    or better it yet, have them be part of the same timeline.
  12. Battle Royale: The Last Generation Of An SNES-CD Saga

    Question, but will there be updates about things happening in this timeline once in a while, if anything catches your attention?
  13. A Horn of Bronze--The Shaping of Fusania and Beyond

    Thanks to Wayamese development, I wonder if that going to lead to the rest of north America native American cultures to developed at the same rate as well? How is Europe doing and will they have a part to play in this timeline?
  14. Able Archer: New Zealand and the Great Nuclear War of 1983

    So, Those new Zealand and Australia join together like in doomsday: 1983?
  15. Battle Royale: The Last Generation Of An SNES-CD Saga

    For epilogues, can there be an update on anime and manga, especially after the Kadokawa Massacre? I also think there should be an epilogue update on comic movies and comic books as well.