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  1. Photos from Featherston's Confederacy/ TL-191

    I had ideas for the Socialist Party speeches. Speeches by Lincoln, Debs, Sinclair, Blackford
  2. TL-191: Filling the Gaps

    The only restraint I have is my general lack of knowledge from this era in TTL. If anyone can help with providing some background as to who the major players were, that'd be helpful.
  3. Photos from Featherston's Confederacy/ TL-191

    Just creating a page of speeches from people from that time.
  4. TL-191American culture, foreign policies, views and society post 2GW

    Americans like their domestic policies and they have a strong base with the working class, and especially labor unions. So, even if they are perceived as being weak on foreign policy, they have a strong enough base to keep them going. Keep in mind the economy fared no better under Herbert...
  5. TL 191: The Southern Occupation

    The U.S. didn't care about any of that when they did it in Canada, and the world didn't seem to care that much. And I'm not saying the Americans are going to start atresting anybody and everybody off the street. I mean, they can do it and will to get people associated with the Freedom Party or...
  6. Photos from Featherston's Confederacy/ TL-191

    I had a similar idea! Want to team up?
  7. TL 191: The Southern Occupation

    Depends on how willing the Southerners are to do so, whether they can find any credible leadership to accomplish the goals, and how guilty the South feels about the genocide. The reason Nazi Germany was effectively crushed and an insurgency never happened was because the Allies went after all...
  8. TL-191American culture, foreign policies, views and society post 2GW

    I imagine a Southern white person would pretty much never be elected president, never quite able to shake the shadow of Featherston. However, I do imagine that with the shame of carrying out these atrocities, resistance to the North is negligible, and thus the federal government has unimpeded...
  9. TL-191: Filling the Gaps

    Debs was accused of being too liberal by socialists in his day! Lol! I guess everything is relative lol. Obviously, Debs didn't go to jail this timeline. Did he at least vote against the war! I remember it was written here that je was at the commission to decide the Socialist Party's platform...
  10. TL-191: Filling the Gaps

    Oh? What was the difference? Was Sinclair less about taking control over the means of production.
  11. TL-191American culture, foreign policies, views and society post 2GW

    I think the timeline he made is fine. There are a few things I think would've happened, like I think the Germans and the Americans would've butted heads a little more, not necessarily in a Cold War way, but I think there would be a little more conflict, and I do think the Ottomans, Japan...
  12. TL-191: Filling the Gaps

    I think Debs would served better as Labor Secretary or Treasury Secretary, something more domestic-orientated and economic-orientated. Those are certainly more the issues he focused on throughout his career.
  13. TL-191: After the End

    I'm not saying it would produce a better result, all I'm saying is that nationalists would be far more galvanized and perhaps make considerable gains. Irish nationalism was pretty weak in Ireland itself at the early century, but after the Rising and the destruction of the Great War, it...
  14. TL-191: Filling the Gaps

    Bit out of the loop, has anyone done a nation dossier for the United Kingdom yet and how life was like in the semi-fascist UK? I'm surprised how the wiki page, people wrote pages for Greece and Italy and Romania, but the nations actually in the Great Wars don't have any pages lol! Especially...
  15. TL-191: After the End

    Hey David Bar I was wondering, with the whole Brexit and Scottish referendum issues now well within our knowledge, if there were any plans to update this alt history with the UK disintegrating. Seeing as how the world following the 2008 recession has revealed just how divided the UK really is...